Well of course most of this site is devoted to the past, but this section will act as a research repository for my projects.

The Lost Synagogues
This page is devoted specifically to researching synagogues where the building no longer exists. Many of the former synagogues now serve as churches and we have them documented around the site in their respective geographic locations. Click on the title to visit this page.
The Lost Banks
This page is a little different in that it includes buildings which are still standing, but no longer serve as banks. Click on the title to visit this page.
Lost Newspapers
Edward Herrschaft published a number of local newspapers, including the Record and the City Line Post, into the 1970s. Click on the title to visit the page and see samples from those papers as well as a 1948 School Bank News sent over by Ted Maciag.
Anniversary Day Parades
The Brooklyn Sunday School Union hosted these parades. My church marched in the Arlington Avenue parade, an annual event which ended around 1972. Click on the title to visit the parades..
The Fulton Elevated Line
First reaching East New York in 1889, the East New York portion of the line was demolished in 1958.