Zone 2 - Barbey to Cleveland

Zone 2 surrounds the block I grew up on, so I have enough images to break them up in to separate streets. On this release I have focused on the area north of Fulton Street, though it will include the area north of Atlantic Ave. as I develop the site.These blocks all fell within the Schenck farm, which extended on both sides of Jamaica Ave. (See the Maps page for reference).They were also just about the last to be developed in the area

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There was a fairly prominent real estate firm known as Sackman and Barbey that played a large role in the development of this area; I'm guessing there is a link but I do not know as a fact.

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Originally known as John street, I have no details on where Jerome comes from.

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Originally known as Washington St. I have no history on the name change. I could find no significant individuals; I only suspect that both Warwick and Ashford are named after English towns.

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Originally known as Adams Street , after the second President.

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Originally known as Jefferson St., 3rd President, ironically named after President Grover Cleveland.
Aug 24, 1893 Brooklyn Eagle article on storm which flooded Fulton and Ashford
November 15, 1897 Brooklyn Eagle article on paving of Ashford St.
December 20, 1898 Brooklyn Eagel article - accident at Ashford and Fulton
July 23, 1900 Brooklyn Eagle article on burglaries near Warwick and Fulton