Highland Park

The Highland Park series is divided into several parts; Lower Highland, Upper Highland,The Reservoir, and Sunnyside. This page features several birdseye views of the park and East New York. Highland Park's history in a way dates back to the revolutionary war; the high ridge was then known as "Guana Heights" and played a role in the battle of Long Island. The real history dates back to the 1860's when the city bought the land where the Ridgewood Reservoir was located. At the time an additional 37 acres was acquired. In the 1890's the Brooklyn Park Commissioner, a man named Brower, pushed to buy additional acreage. The unofficial Park name was Ridgewood Park, because it was associated with the reservoir, but the fact that there was already a private park by that name and Highland Park sounded less local and more prestigious contributed to the name we know today. There were several buildings on the property (see pictures below) and the Schenck house survived on park property to the 1940's. A music pavilion was built in 1901, but I have no record as to when it was demolished.
Highland Park,Jamaica Ave Brooklyn, NY
Dated:1911 Maker: Wm. Fick Status: Own(RG)
This card provides the backdrop for our headers. The Schenck house is visible at the front of the park, and landmarks like P.S. 108 and The Ridgewood Pumping Station are visible in the background.
Birdseye from Highland Park
Dated:1911 Maker:Wm. Fick Status: Own (RG)
I'm still trying to pinpoint this angle. I can't place the house on the left, nor do I spot a landmark in the background.
Ridgewood Water Works and Highland Park Playground
Dated:1915 Maker: Status: Need
This is the earliest image I have of ballfields at Highland Park- the postcard is from 1915.
View of ENY from Highland Park.
Source: BPL archives
Mar 23, 1890 Early Brooklyn Eagle article on the Park
July 22, 1892 Naming of Highland Park
July 22, 1894 Brooklyn Eagle article giving early description of the park
Aug 5 1901 Brooklyn Eagle article on lighting in Highland Park