Sutter Avenue Parade, 1942

Patriotic parades were common around the city in 1942, showing support for our local boys heading off to war. I believe the parade took place in June. These images are clustered around Pine Street and Sutter Avenue, though a few were taken at other points in the parade.

We're looking east at the intersection of Sutter and Pine. In the image on the left, the men on the roof are just tying off the banner that hangs over Sutter Avenue.
Thanks to Anthony Messina for correcting the orientation of this view. We are looking south down Pine Street with Stutter Avenue in the background.
The view here is looking east down Sutter Avenue towards Euclid. The lots on either side of Sutter are undeveloped. The Cypress Hills Housing Projects would be built on the south side of Sutter (to the right in this image) in the 1950s.
Same view, just a bit further down Sutter.
A little further west down Sutter.
These shots were taken from the Montauk Avenue station of the elevated line on Pitkin Avenue, looking south. We get a good look at the banner the girls are carrying.
Most of the buildings on the west side of the block are still standing, as seen in the 2011 update view.
I added a closeup of the crowd taken from the image on the left.
This view is looking south down Montauk just as the marchers are crossing Belmont Avenue.
We're back at the intersection of Sutter and Pine, looking towards the southeast corner. I added closeup of the band to show the drum. The Elmer Bennett VFW Post was on Grant Avenue, though in my research I had it as Elmer J Bennett and it says Elmer E Bennett on the drum.
Here the parade is moving north up Pine, crossing Suttter Avenue.
We are looking towards the east side of Pine Street, between Belmont and Sutter.
In the image on the right, the marchers have passed all the homes on the east side of the block, and we can see across to the backs of the homes lining Crescent Street. These empty lots were not filled in by housing until 1960. The always sharp Anthony Messina pointed out that those vacant lots were part of the original New Lots Road.
The original negatives were labeled "Mike Lomonica, 497 Pine Street". This image was taken in front of 497 Pine. The Lomonica family appears on the 1930 census living next door at 495 Pine. There is a Michael, age 18, listed in the census so it is certainly possible he was living next door in 1942.