Postcard Update

A series of RRPC (real picture post cards) I have acquired recently.

Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church
Nothing too special here. An early photo, just after completion (no fence yet). The original church building is visible on the right and the rectory is on the left.
St. Clements, 1906
Pennsylvania and Liberty Avenues, no longer standing. Pictures and history on the Pennsylvania Avenue page.
Goodsell Methodist, 1908
Now it gets a little interesting. This is the original Goodsell building, built on McKinley Avenue in 1891. Look how rustic the area is. A brick structure would be constructed next to it on the corner of Sheridan and Mckinley in 1916, which is still standing and serving a Hindu congregation. The original building pictured here is gone.
Euclid Avenue Baptist Church, 1905
Another rare gem, this is the original building to seve this congregation and was located on Euclid and Hill Avenues. The history can be found in Zone 6. Some unintentionally funny writing on this card; "Hey, everyone's got scarlet fever, c'mon over."
Boulder Bridge
A break from the churches. We have plenty of post cards of "Boulder Bridge" in Highland Park, but this is the first I've seen a winter shot with snow.
Littlejohn Memorial Church (Church of the Transfiguration)
Finding good early pictures of this church has been tricky. Located on Ridgewood and Autumn, the church was dedicated as a memorial to Bishop Littlejohn. We have more pictures and history in Zone 4, but this card supplies some unique history because it was written out by the rector himself, F.C.H. Wendell.
Gruss Aus Der Ev. Ref. Christus-Kirche
The next few differ slightly; these are promotional cards. I believe "Gruss Aus" translates as "Message from". Christ Evangelical Church is on Wyona Street and we have more pictures and history on that page under Zone 1.
Wartburg Home for the Aged
On Fulton Street off Sheffield Avenue, this card dates from 1956.
St. John Cantius School
Blake Avenue, off Vermont Avenue - undated.