Pitkin Avenue
South of Atlantic, East of Elton

Named after John Pitkin, who was the first to try to develop the area and gave it its name, East New York.

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Kinema Theater, 2505 Pitkin
The Kinema was located at the corner of Pitkin and Berriman. The CO for this 1180 seat theater was issued in 1926. The 1938 photo is from the Brian Merlis Archives. The theater was torn down in 1969, and a community center sits in its place. Rod Maggio's 1982 photo on the right shows the center.
Kinema Theater handbills, 1953
Pitkin Ave., 1940
Two shots from the NYPDL archives, the first is a view east from Shepherd, with the Kinema Theater in the distance. The second is the corner of Pitkin and Atkins.
Public School 159, Pitkin and Crescent
Maker: P. Miller Dated: Unk Status: Own (RG)
P.S. 159 was built around 1907. The second shot,from 1942, is a view west down Pitkin from Hemlock. From the Brian Merlis Archives.
Public School 159, Pitkin and Cresent
Maker: Fick Dated:1912 Status:Own(RG)
The angle of Anthony Messina's 2008 picture on the right lines up with the 1912 Fick postcard, which shows the defunct Fulton Elevated line. Les Livingston adds; "My cousin Miss Helen Livingston taught 3rd grade at P.S. 159 for many years, retiring in the early sixties. My uncle Jacob A. Livingston (Helen's Father) was the Chairman of the Republican Committee of the County of Kings and later became Commissioner of Elections for the City of New York for many years. He lived at 448 Ridgewood av between Crescent st and Hemlock st. He retired in the 1940's "
P.S. 214, Easter 1951
Eloise Wendell sends in these shots of herself and her dad in front of the school on Easter, 1951. Although Eloise thought the school in the background was P.S. 159, site fan Anthony Messina accurately spotted the columns in front of the building and we have confirmed with the background images that it is in fact P.S. 214.
P.S. 214, 2008
Anthony Messina supplied a shot lined up with the images above, noting the spikes had been trimmed from the top of the fence. Anthony recalls the school was known as the Michael Friedsam Junior High School 214 when he attended, covering grades seven through nine. Eddie Pardocchi, who sang with the Darcels, attended 214. The school was built in 1925 with a major renovation in 1967.
P.S. 214, Class 9-4, 1958
Kudos to Jim Perretto and Joe Laviola for sending over our first class picture from P.S. 214, and it's a gem-it includes "Goodfellas" legend Henry Hill in the top row, far right.
Linwood St. Looking North of Pitkin Ave.
Maker: Unk Dated: Unk Status: Need

Pitkin Ave. looking West
Maker:Fred Plate Dated: 1912 Status: Need
We think the first postcard IDs the second; it appears to be a view west from Linwood. We assume the first card is also a Fred Plate; these are rare and often sell for $50 and up.
Phil Santella sent in this shot of his Uncle Charly and Aunt Tess on Pitkin Ave in 1945; he believes this was by Chestnut Street. It turns out Phil is correct- I discovered a 1948 photo looking west down Pitkin as the elevated line turns and you can see the store sign in the shot.
2529 Pitkin Ave, 1939 and 2006
Neil Sullivan sends over the tax photo of an old A&P and the same address today, near Atkins Ave.Rod Maggio recalls the A&P was one store in from the corner, where a baby goods store was located.
Northwest corner of Pitkin and Atkins, 1938 and 2006. Ronni Korder recalls this was Peter's Beauty Parlor in the 1960s.
Northeast corner of Pitkin and Logan, 1938 and 2006.Neil provided the update photos of this area. Rod Maggio recalls it was Oddo Funeral Home in his time, eventually moved to Conduit and Pitkin where son Steven had a brick pigeon coop on the roof!
At one point we had a challenge to find pictures of kids on ponies in East New York, and Florence Harnos delivered this 1951 shot of her brother on a pony in front of "Laura and Herman's" candy store on the corner of Fountain and Pitkin.