Highland Park Music Pavilion

The Highland Park Music Pavilion was built around 1901. It was located west of Highland Boulevard, across from the reservoir, in what we used to refer to as "Upper" Highland Park. The Brooklyn Eagle reported the first concert was perfomed by the "Phil-Lyric" orchestra on June 8, 1901. I'm told it lasted into the 1950's, I don't have a date as to when it was removed.

Music Pavilion, Highland Park
Maker: Wm. Fick Dated: 1905 Status: Own (BG)
June 4, 1901 Brooklyn Eagle article, preparations and Bandstand Construction
Jun 21, 1901 Brooklyn Eagle article reviewing first concert.
Highland Park Music Pavilion, 1911
This fantastic shot is courtesy of the Brian Merlis Archives. The edge of the pond visible in the lower right tips us off that the view is northeast, with the "Indian Bridge" behind the right shoulder of the photographer. Note the lack of benches in this shot. .
Band Stand Highland Park,East New York
Maker: Souvenir Post Card Co. Dated:1907 Status: Own(BG)
Note the benches now in front of the Pavilion. It is unknown as to whether they were removed in the winter or were installed after the photo above. Why the interest in benches? Check out the Eagle article dated July 22,1901 , "Row at Highland Park"
Sunday Afternoon in Highland Park
Maker:Wm Fick Dated: 1911 Status:Own (BG)
A bit of an odd shot and font for a Fick card, a good example of the crowd dressed up for a Sunday concert.
Music Pavilion, Highland Park, East New York.
Maker:Commercial Art Post Card Co. Dated: 1918 Status: Own (RG)
So where was it located? I used Google Earth to try to mark an image identifying the location.
The outline of the stand is still clearly visible in this east towards the reservoir. I have no details on when the stand was removed.
2005 view west away from the resevoir.