The Old Mill

Located at the foot of Crescent St. by Jamaica Bay, the Old Mill was not known to my generation. From Good Old East New York:"The Old Mill was established on the Bull Creek, about 1770 by one Van Brunt, at the same time as the Red Mill, just across the Flatlands town line, was built. Until 1810 the Bull Creek Mill stood at the second floodgate about a half mile south of the present site. In that year the mill was taken down and the present structure was built from the timbers of the original mill, at the foot of Crescent St. The mill was owned by L. Van Wicklen and known to many as Van Wicklen's Mill."

Scene at the Old Mill, East New York
Dated: 1918 Maker: Comm. Post Card Co Status: Own (RG)
This was the card that caught my attention, because it specifically identifies the area as East New York. Note you cannot see the Old Mill itself in the shot

Old Mill
Maker: Shinske Dated:Unk Status:Own(BG)
Old Mill, Foot of Crescent St.
Maker: Wm. Fick Dated: 1900 Status: Own(BG)
This was the actual Mill, from two angles. I assume they milled flour but I have not verified this. The caption in the second photo is the same information as above. The second photo is undated.
Scene at Old Mill Showing Surdes Hotel
Maker:Commercial Art Co. Year: 1920 Status: Own(RG)
It was actual "Surdez" with a 'Z', you can even see the sign. On the left is an image of Bull Creek taken by P.L. Sperr in 1934.
Van Wicklen Hotel, 1922
The Van Wicklen family owned about 50 acres of land in this area and ran a hotel near the Mill. I have found articles referencing a Davy and Cornelius Van Wicklen though I am not sure of the relation. Apparently this building was the scene of prizefights in the early days. The second shot is from 1929 and shows the Old Mill in relation to the other barns and hotel in the area.
Jan 26, 1891 article about the Van Wicklens and the Old Mill area
Boat House at Old Mill, foot of Crescent
Maker: P. Miller Dated: 1913 Status: Own (RG)
This one I own, so there's a nice scan of the front and back, which provides the following note; "Going out crabbing today. If I catch anything worth-while I won't forget you. Will a lobster do? He isn't here today. Clara "
Boat House View and Club House at the Old Mill
Maker: Shinske Dated: 1911 Status: Own(RG)
Old Mill Creek, foot Crescent Street
Maker: Unk Dated: 1900 Status: Need
Boat House View and Club House at the Old Mill
This 1903 image was taken by Rick Contant's grandfather from the same viewpoint as the above Shinske post card.