Elton Street
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Formerly named Madison Street, I am still investigating the origins of the name. Part of the Stootholf farm, the farmhouse is still standing at 494 Jamaica (see Linwood ).

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Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church,Arlington Avenue and Elton Street
Dated:1912 MakerWm. Fick Status: Own(RG)
Starting with some landmarks, this church has its own page here
Anniversary Parade, 1967
The Brooklyn anniversary parades provide us with some decent street shots; on the left the parade turns south from Ridgewood down Elton street, with the Highland Park entrance in the background. The shot on the right is looking East down Arlington from Cleveland St.Visit the parades page here .
38-99 Ridgewood Avenue
Courtesy of Glenn Youngelman, a shot of his old apartment building on the northeast corner of Elton and Ridgewood in the early 1970s. It's the same apartment in the parade shot above.
100 Ridgewood Avenue, 1941
Sandy Solano provided the 1941 image of 100 Ridgewood Avenue, just off the southeast corner of Ridgewood and Elton, opposite the apartment above. I think that's the original siding and trim as opposed to the unit attached on the left. This house may date as early as 1892.
Elton and Jamaica
Mike Abney sent in these shots circa 1976. The first view is south down Elton Street from Jamaica Ave. and the second view is Mike on Jamaica Avenue by Elton.
Elton Street
Maker: Unk Dated: 1907 Status:need
This is a very nice view looking north to Ridgewood Avenue around 1907.
104 Elton, circa 1890
This series of shots appeared in the auction of an album that featured a number of shots from the 1880s. One series was simply listed as "Elton Street House". I have identified the house as 104 Elton, the first house up from Arlington Avenue on the west side. This house, and the one next to it both appear on the 1893 plat maps. These pictures were taken before the house on the right was built.
104 Elton, circa 1890
Two more shots from the series, a view of the north side of the house which I cannot replicate today given the house sitting right on top of it. The second shot I have not confirmed but it appears to have been taken from the rear yard.
100 Elton, 1940s
Jack Russell grew up in the apartment building two lots up from 104 Elton, and he supplies two oldies but goodies; a group of kids celebrating a birthday party in 1949 in front of the building, and a group shot on the roof with P.S. 108 in the background.
263 Arlington Ave, 2006
A fairly minor mystery. If you look at the shot of 104 Elton above from the side, you see a turret on what appears to be a stately home sitting behind 104 Elton, on the corner of Arlington and Elton. This is 263 Arlington, and clearly that house is gone. There is a CO issued for this property in 1928 for a single family home. There is also a CO issued for this address in 1969 for a two family house. This structure appears to have always been a two family house. I'm assuming at the moment that the house there now is the 1928 structure which replaced the "turret" house but I would be interested if anyone knows the history.
95 Ridgewood
OK, not a great tax photo of the northwest corner of Elton and Ridgewood from 1941, I hope to come up with a better one as the house has changed quite a bit.
46 Elton
1941 tax photo shot of 46 Elton and a 2007 update shot.
26 Elton
1939 tax photo shot of 26 Elton and 2006, courtesy of Neil Sullivan.
Elton and Fulton St.
1941 tax photo shot of the northwest corner of Fulton and Elton, with Neil again supplying the 2006 shot. We heard from Lou Caracappa, whose father owned the pharmacy and ran it as Caracappa's from 1969 to 1998. At the time of the tax photo Lou believes it was owned by Ciniglio.
Caracappa Pharmacy, Elton and Fulton St.
Thanks to Lou Caracappa for sending over a 1970's shot of the pharmancy with his father Stephen in front. Lou also includes an interior shot with his dad and brother Gus.