Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church

Founded in 1851, the original name of the congregation was the Wesleyan Methodist Episcopal Church of Union Place (the early name of Cypress Hills). In September of 1851 contruction began on a wooden church on land donated by the Joseph Bridges family. The church also served as the first school building in this area until P.S.65 was constructed in 1870. In 1872 the name was changed to the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church, in honor of Bishop Edward J. Andrews. The wooden church was replaced in 1892 by the current building, which was enlarged and improved in 1895 and 1923. The building was recently sold to the Ghana Wesley Congregation although the remaining Andrews congregation continues to worship there.

Andrews M.E. Church, Richmond St. near Etna
Maker: Brooklyn Eagle Dated: 1906 Status: Own (BG)

Note the empty space on the left (north) of the church.
St. Andrews M.E. Church., Richmond Street
Maker: Wm. Fick Dated: 1916 Status: Own (BG)
Though the Fick card mentions 1841 as the organization date, this is incorrect. Also the postcard reads "St. Andrews" which we believe is an error as Methodist churches don't recognize saints.
Andrews Methodist Church, 1905
Maker: Unknown Year: 1905 Status:Own(RG)
A slightly earlier view.
Williams M.E. Church, 1907
This church, located at 77 Williams Avenue merged into Andrews in 1923.
This 1895 re-incorporation lists the earlier congregations. On the right is a list of the pastors up to 1934. I know Hartman served until at least 1941. I'm looking to fill in the subsequent chain of pastors. I know Rev. Charles Geiger served in 1962 and Rev. Arthur Barton was leading the congregation in 1967.
Williams M.E. Church Fair, 1934
I found this booklet for a 1934 fair. The then Pastor Hartley Hartman is pictured on the right.
Richmond St, 1990
Tim O'Reilly took the 1990 shot on the left and Peter Stango supplied a contrasting 2007 shot on the right.
Historic recognition, 1992
Thanks to Peter Stango for supplying us with a 1992 article covering Andrews entry into the National Register of Historic Places.
Interior, 2007
Peter Stango supplied these interior shots from 2007. The first view is southeast and the second is west.
On the left, my attempt at a scenic shot of the tower in 2007. On the right, the sign for the new congregation.